Expert in Tax Credits for VFX and R&D

Expert in Tax Credits for VFX and R&D

Marc has extensive knowledge of tax credit applications, management and financing for digital effects and animation services.

Take advantage of an effective, proven and unwavering VFX tax return program in Quebec, Canada.

Quebec has long been a forerunner in refundable tax credits for film production and digital effects. The provincial tax incentives state that, on admissible film and television projects, all production and post-production budgets spent in the province of Quebec will automatically receive a tax return rebate of 25% on all eligible expenses, with no set maximum. Specialized labor costs for VFX are awarded an additional 20% return. The federal tax incentive program will add a further 16% return on any remaining labor costs.

These rebates to VFX pricing apply whether or not live shooting is taking place in Canada.


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