Tributes and Awards

Tributes and Awards

Modus FX has received numerous awards as recognition for its business development, rapid growth and job creation.

In 2010, Marc was honored to receive the Tribute Award from the NAD Center, for his career as a CGI instructor, professional artist and business owner.

NAD Center Tribute Award

The Centre NAD annually presents a Career Achievement Award to a NAD alumni who has an outstanding career and who inspires young artists through its reputation. This year, the recipient was Marc Bourbonnais who graduated in 1996 from their program in 3D animation and visual effects for cinema and television.

Career Path

Prix HommageMarcBourbonnais_4Marc Bourbonnais has worked for over 10 years in visual effects and he has been involved in more than 40 feature films, series and television commercials. He got hooked to 3D when he was studying at the Polytechnique in Montreal and particularly through the completion of several animated shorts for shows, interviews and student projects for the central channel “Poly TV”. Thanks to these videos, Mark got in Centre NAD and he completed his specialized training in 3D computer graphics.

At the end of his studies, Marc was hired by Radio-Canada’s “Branché”, a TV show dealing with new technologies. He left Radio-Canada in 1997 for Hybrid Technologies while teaching effects and animation at Centre NAD. At Hybrid, he was first a 3D Generalist and he went up through the ranks until the beginning of 2001 when he was promoted as a chief of technical directing for the 3D department.

During his 10 years spent at Hybrid, Marc has participated in several major films and television productions such as: Snakes on a Plane, Maurice Richard, Sin City, Nouvelle-France, La Grande Séduction and the Spy Kids Trilogy. “The project I most enjoyed was 300, I am very proud of our technical and artistic accomplishment and Zack Snyder’s vision was very interesting,” says Marc.

Always looking ahead…

In July of 2007, Marc founded Modus FX, a digital production company based in a 12,000 ft2 building located in Sainte-Therese. As the president, Mark manages the administration and financing of the company and serves as the executive producer on projects. “I decided to set up my own company because I needed new challenges in management and administration.”

Modus FX started with three projects: Screamers II, a television series for TF1, The Crows, and the length film Mr. Nobody, recipient of an “Osella d’Or” award at the Venice Festival. Since its creation, Modus FX has produced visual effects for over 20 films and television projects such as: Dinolab II, Atlas 4D, America: History of the Us, etc.

“Modus FX has been built to become a multi-platform projects. At the beginning 2010, we had between 8 and 9 ongoing projects,”says Marc. Indeed, Modus is working on productions as varied as a stereo IMAX project for the Shanghai Expo, British documentary series for History Channel, Discovery and the BBC, and several films including The American, Super and March of the Dinosaurs, a CG film on dinosaurs.

In addition to being a manager, Marc Bourbonnais is a visionary: “there are still so many dreams we have for Modus FX. In the future, we want to position ourselves as a major pole in term of visual effects in symbiosis with the film production. It also goes through research and development, a division that we are currently developing. ”

Source : Centre NAD