As an aspiring digital artist, technical enthusiast, CGI instructor or as a studio manager, Marc has applied himself to numerous aspects of visual effects production and digital animation features over the past 17 years. His structured approach to production challenges made him an experienced problem-solver and pipeline expert for demanding digital productions. He later developed skills in company management, business financing, government tax credits and corporate relations.

At the start of his career as a 3D artist and later as a senior technical artist, he helped develop post-production pipelines to bring forward intricate visual effects, early stereoscopic work-flows and high-volume deliveries on many feature films. Always eager to share knowledge and promote good practices in the industry, Marc participated in numerous conferences and lectures as a guest speaker around the globe. Putting his focus and creative energy on reshaping business practices in the digital effects and animation industry, he contributed to the initial structure of the digital effects studio Modus FX in Montreal as co-founder and President.

Marc is currently working on personal projects and seeking new opportunities.